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The PIRATE CAPTAIN tm, Chronicles of a Legend, by Kerry Lynne
 "Nor Silver" - 2014 NG Indie Book Finalist Award - Historical Fiction
 "Nor Gold"   - Release October 18, 2014; 
The Pirate Captain Series
Historical Fiction with a twist

"The Pirate Captain" is best explained by Nathanael J. E. Blackthorne, the pirate captain of the "Ciara Morganse".

    During the year of 1753, I was sailing the West Indies, minding the oars in me own ship, pursuing me purpose in life, to disrupt the unholy alliance of two corrupt men and destroy their lives as they destroyed mine. 

     I mistakenly kidnapped Catherine Mackenzie - wrong person,easy mistake, you understand - and me life went arsey . . . turvey. 

     Having lost hearth and heart to the Jacobite War, and wanted by King Georgie's courts. Cate has lived many years destitute and alone. She desires but one thing: a place to belong. How could I deny that?

Alas, if it were only that simple. 

It's a story of scarred people, blinded by defenses.

It's the story of trust, or rather, the lack of.

It's the story of loss of faith and heart.

It's the story of a Captain's life. 

      "Have you the courage to join us?"

            Nathanael J. E. Blackthorne

            Ciara Morganse, pirate captain.

Review: The Pirate Captain, Chronicles of a Legend,  Nor Silver
From UK - 5 stars Brilliant, By Malteaser88,
Anyone who enjoys anything to do with sailing and pirates in general will love this book. The characters are well thought out and you find yourself deeply engaged from the get go and of. . ten find yourself rooting for characters you previously were unsure of. A good length of a book full of rich details. I  was devastated when I finished as now I'll have to wait until the follow up! Highly recommended!

From "By The Board Publishing: 
"The Pirate Captain" Series are historical fiction novels about the "real life" of pirates in the 1753  to  ? With its adventure, mysticism and tapestry of colorful characters, it's not a romance novel nor a "Treasure Island". There are square-riggers, sea battles and sailing without miring the reader in "nauticalese". The Author, Lynne's hope is for the reader to find an escape from the here-and-now, by slipping into a world from which he/she will not wish to leave. 
The Price of Victory by Kerry Lynne
Guest Author Kerry Lynne; deleted scene from "The Pirate Captain"